Our Mission: 

Our mission is to be the most beneficial gateway between students and teachers in Sri Lanka. We are committed to creating the ultimate education network for all students of the National and International Curriculum to browse and choose the best tutors in the country. We are also bent on providing a first-class platform where all great tutors can garner the acclaim they deserve.

 Our Vision: 

Our vision is to be the number one school-education platform for all students who wish to excel in their studies, and be the most efficient online platform for teachers to spread their expertise. We aspire to becoming a one-stop destination where both the students and teachers come to - for smoothness of service and ease of work management. And we are passionate about raising the caliber of education our citizens possess and thus bring Sri Lanka to the forefront of global recognition in Education.

 Our Services: 

  • We help O/L & A/L students of both the Local and International Curriculum find tutors that fit their learning style.

  • We help teachers earn more, because teachers who register with us gain more students due to being featured on our site.

  • We cut short the hassle of both the student and the teacher by offering and maintaining an easy to use database of tutors.

  • We accept requests to feature Tuition Centres and Education Institutes under the Institutes panel.

  • We offer web space that receives high exposure to Organizations that wish to place advertisements on our site. 

 What Makes Us Different? 

  • We understand the struggle students face when looking for an ideal tutor, and we know the hassle teachers face to find those students and disseminate their knowledge.

  • We maintain a systemized standard of clear, user friendly, and well organized information on our website, so that students and teachers enjoy easy access to our data.

  • Our scope of focus is smaller in order to provide better quality.

  • Our website shall house tutors of all subjects, grade levels, and curriculum – be it the National Syllabus or the Cambridge / Edexcel Syllabus.

  • We are excited in building a classy and simple user interface for our website so that teachers can register themselves and students can choose the most suitable and compatible tutor according to his or her requirements.

  • We are dedicated to building the most integrated, largest, and well-structured database of educators in the country.

  • We want to be the place students come to – and ensure them that ‘Yes, they can do it!’ and that ‘Yes, they can pass with flying colors!’

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